Top wedding trends of 2020



Mostly with the start of the New Year, a new crop of the wedding patterns will follow in 2020. The Knot publishers watch vibrant pops and serious declarations that hit, from imaginative ceremonies and the joy of food and drink to invitations. Couples have made all facets of the marriage their own unique palettes of romantic, colourful, imaginative themes that represent your particular love tale, beyond your expectation. We provide the best event management in Dubai and can help you in organising your dream wedding.

Micro weddings


Just by the invite, assume 40 people or fewer is this wedding theme. And such a celebration, like any special band, delivers great. The budget is higher per visitor, which ensures that the friends and loved ones will be given special treatment like tasty dinners, or tonalities of personalization. This kind of wedding is apt for the current situation with the rapid spread of the pandemic, this is also the safest way to conduct events nowadays. This style is suitable for introverts or those looking to have a party for a little community of loved ones.

Virtual wedding


In today's world, technology has made all things possible. Digital weddings are a recent movement that is becoming more common and helps couples to exchange vows with friends and families online. The marriage will provide them with virtual wedding experience. The couple is free to share this joy with everyone through any digital medium. A simulated celebration is a perfect way to celebrate in numerous parts of the world with your loved ones. 

From personalised events to personalised wedding anything is possible today in the modern world. The multimedia journey to the wedding ceremony is an innovative way to tie the marriage knot in which a video call allows partners and guests to build memorable memories together. The channels that you can select from include Facebook Live, Twitter Live, Google Hangout, Zoom and Instagram Live.

Lit show

Effective lighting is the best way of recognising the themes of the 2020 marriage decor. Turn your party feel from dinner to dance, or add strings of fairy lights to a clustered place, as in the case of your cakes table. Not unexpectedly, the candlelight also tends to create an intimate and romantic mood.

Green wedding